Installing VLC Player

sudo apt-get install vlc




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  1. Vic3198

    7 years ago

    When I type this command, the RPi tells me “not found” I tried to research the real directory and indeed, it changed.
    How do I do to tell the RPi to install vlc from the real directory?

  2. Gouled Houssein

    5 years ago

    if you want to install vlc player in yor raspian system, it’S necessery to open only terminal and do this : Sudo apt-get install vlc

  3. Sandeep Kalra

    9 months ago

    Vlc player donot run properly on the pi3vdo stops and run with jerks any other suggestions

  4. Jiří Bureš

    9 months ago

    Hi, Yesterday, I installed VLC on rapsberry quite smoothly by the following easy steps:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install vlc

    The problem is that when I run a movie in VLC, speed of movie is not fluent and CPU is on 100%.
    It seems that hardware acceleration is not working despite the fact it should have been.

    Any suggestion to solve the problem.

  5. Anonymous

    9 months ago

    run full screen

  6. Anonymous

    9 months ago

    latest rasbian running on raspberry 4.
    vlc run 1080p on full screen smooth. ( only on HDMI 1 )
    youtube on fuul screen 2% dropp
    with default settings


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