Omxplayer is a command line player which is part of XBMC. It is a video player specifically made for the Raspberry PI's GPU.


Omxplayer is included with the Rasbioan operating system, but if you need to install it you can use: 

sudo apt-get install omxplayer


Key Bindings:

1 Increase Speed
2 Decrease Speed
j Previous Audio stream
k Next Audio stream
i Previous Chapter
o Next Chapter
n Previous Subtitle stream
m Next Subtitle stream
s Toggle subtitles
q Exit
Space or p Pause/Resume
– Decrease Volume
+ Increase Volume
Left Seek -30
Right Seek +30
Down Seek -600
Up Seek +600

Playing A RTSP Stream From An Axis Camera

At the command line:

omxplayer rtsp://root:[email protected]/axis-media/media.amp?resolution=800x450

Video Formats

Omxplayer is picky about video content. The recommended encoding is H264 MPEG4 videos.   As long as you properly encode you videos it can handle 1080p videos beautifully.

Displaying Images

omxplayer does not currently have the capability to display still images and there are no current plans to add this (09/2013

Playing Audio Files

From the command line:

omxplayer /home/pi/projects/my_project/audio/my_audio.wav

Sending Audio To The HDMI Port

Apparently this works (we've not tried it yet ourselves)

omxplayer -p -o hdmi myaudio.mp4





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