Partition Wizard Home Edition

This is a windows based application, not Linux

This free Windows tool lets you copy specific partitions from a SD card and can also be useful for RPi images.  However it doesn't properly support Linux ext4 partitions so whilst it can move them, it can't alter them (gparted under Linux is better as it can do this)

1. You will need a target SD card or USB memory stick to copy to connected to your PC at the same time.  It needs to be as big or bigger than the size of the partition you are copying and will be erased as part of the process.

Note that Partition Wizard doesn't do anything until you press Apply, so don't think its not working when nothing seems to happen in the following steps.

2. Right click the target device and select 'Delete All Partitions'

3. Select the small 'FAT' partition on the source SD card (it is needed in addition to the main partition), press copy and select it to be copied onto the target device.

4. Select the 'Ext4' partition on the source SD card (the Linux partition), press copy and select it to be copied onto the target device.

It's fine to leave any remaining space as unallocated (it doesn't seem Partition Wizard is currently able to resize Ext4 partitions unfortunatley).

5. Press 'Apply'

6. Once complete right click each target device copied partition and select 'Set Partition As Primary' (otherwise the RPi won't boot from it).  Press Apply again and you are good to go.

Resizing the partition without using the raspi-config tool

See here.

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