If Geany is not installed (not in Menu (Windows Start button) > Programming) install it as follows:

Menu > Other > LX Terminal

Enter the command:

sudo apt-get install geany

Confirm the install and it will be added to the ‘Menu > Programming’ folder

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  2. Lucas

    2 years ago

    it is menu>acessories>LXTerminal

  3. Philip

    2 years ago

    Thank you I have been looking for this for so long

  4. Daniel

    2 years ago

    How can I install without internet link in my raspberry pi? Can I do it with my laptop?

  5. Jack Horwell

    6 years ago

    Great job, found this really helpful. thanks

  6. Jack

    2 years ago

    Ok, so this is awesome but? It says I have the newest install which is untrue. I have 1.33 and 1.37 is what I want to install. Is there a command line switch with sudo apt to get that version?

    What am I missing, what do I need to do to update to the latest/greatest? Additionally, to be in the “know”, lol, why does apt say I have the latest when that clearly isn’t the case?

    Any inf, will be greatly appreciated…


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