Auto running a script

Create the script

Create a folder to store the script in

mkdir ./bin
cd ./bin

Create the script using the nano text editor

sudo nano script_auto_run

In the nano editor, type this script:

# Script to start our application
echo "Doing autorun script..."
sudo /home/pi/projects/my_project.a &

Replace "sudo /home/pi/projects/my_project.a &" with the commands you want carried out.  The "&" means do the command in the background.

Note that when executing a command without logging is as a user you can't depend on any path or environment variables so you must provide full paths to everything.

Save it by pressing Ctrl+X, " Y", ENTER

This script needs to be made executable by typing this :

sudo chmod 755 script_auto_run


You can test the script works by typing



Setting it to be run

To launch the script at start-up edit the “rc.local” file needs to be edited.

sudo nano /etc/rc.local


Add the following line:


Save it by pressing Ctrl+X, " Y", ENTER

Re-boot your RPi and it will run.

Solving Issues

rc.local runs as root user which might cause problems for some actions you perform in scripts. You may also want a slight delay before a script is executed.  There's solutions to both of these issues here.




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