To hide the mouse cursor on inactivity

sudo apt-get install unclutter



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  1. Steven J Owens

    2 years ago

    I tried putting unclutter in autostart, and when it booted I didn’t have a menu bar.

    Turns out it’s EITHER local autostart (under ~/.config) OR systemwide, not both.

    I copied the system autostart into the local autostart. That worked and the menu bar is back.


    “Since v0.4.9 If both files are present, lxsession only executes the local file. This means you can no longer use both methods at the same time. Method 2 will take priority over Method 1.”

  2. wjburl

    7 years ago

    Add ‘@unclutter -display :0 -noevents -grab’ to the autostart file. Mine is /home/pi/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

    The LXDE is done after the GUI starts on my Raspbian Jessie with Pixel.

  3. flow ir in

    7 years ago

    is there anything else that needs to be done? I couldn’t find any documentation beyond the man page, and htat doesn’t walk through how to get this working everytime from boot


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