SD cards should be interchangeable between a model B and a model B+ as long as the card was created since the release of the Model B+, or has been inserted into a model B since the B+ was released and these commands entered to update the OS and any other packages supported by apt-get:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

(We say since the B+ was released, but more specifically an update on the card needs to have happened since whenever Raspbian and any other hardware specific software packages we're updated to support it) 

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  1. zaguerinho

    9 years ago

    Good day, I burned a microSD, with an Image that ran in a Model B, but when inserted into a B+ a get a bunch of filsystem errors, inode reference deleted, etc… :( could you point me into some direction to where the spot the problem? config? check the filesystem? Regards


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