Paid for service, but not painfully priced, that will let you connect to remote RPi’s via the desktop without needing to configure the local router to allow incoming connections.

Setup on the RPi

RealVNC Server is included with Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian). It’s completely free for non-commercial use; it just needs to be enabled:

Start > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Interfaces > VNC = On

You should then get the RealVNC server icon in your bar next to the Bluetooth bar. Sign into your RealVNC account to add the RPi to it.

RPi5 – see below

Running on devices without a keyboard and mouse connected

You will need to install another entropy generator such as haveged, which you can install by running this command:

sudo apt install haveged

RPi5 issue late 2023

There’s an issue with RealVNC support for the default Raspberry Pi OS currently, to be resolved mid 2024 – details here.

You must be running the 64bit OS (shown on the startup splash screen).

First ensure that VNC is turned off in Start > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Interfaces

On the command line run


Advanced Options > Wayland > Select X11 instead of the default Bookworm.

After your RPi reboots you will now be able to turn on VNC and see RealVNC run/appear.

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