NMON – Command Line Performance Monitoring Tool

To install nmon

sudo apt-get install nmon

To run nmon


Use the keyboard commands to toggle individual sections on and off:

't' = Top-processes

'm' – Memory S

'j' = Filesystems

'd' or 'D' = Disks (capital D shows different measurements)

'n' = Network

'V' = Virtual Memory

'r' = Resource

'N' = NFS

'k' = kernel

'.' = only busy disks/procs

'q' = quit

​There a good article on how to use it here.


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  1. Tony Burkhart

    2 years ago

    Absolutely perfect, thank you!

  2. Isaac Andy

    3 years ago

    This tool is awesome..
    I wonder does it fit perfectly with my 3.5in LCD screen ..
    Will try that out shortly

  3. Tony

    3 years ago

    Fantastic little tool. Many thanks


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