Camera Board Documentation

Connecting The Camera

Ensure the Raspberry Pi board is not powered and connect the camera cable as shown:


Setup For Camera Use

Ensure the operating system is up to date by using these two commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Then run the config tool:

sudo raspi-config

Select the 'Enable Camera' option and set it to Enabled.

Exit the config tool and after it reboots enter the following command to test the camera:

raspistill -v -o

A preview of the camera should be shown for a few seconds.

Taking A Picture Using Raspistill

raspistill -v -o save_as_filename.jpg

By default captures are done at the highest resolution supported by the sensor.


Show all available Options

raspistill --help

The RaspiCam documentation has a full description of all the options.

Recording Video Using Raspivid

The default size for video recording is 1080p (1920×1080)​

Record a 5 second video clip example:

raspivid -t 5000 -o save_as_filename.h264

Show all available Options

raspivid --help

Recording Audio With Your Videos

We've not had need to do this yet – if anyone's found a good solution please comment below!

Possible solutions:

Other resources


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